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Sea Notes

by Kelly Walsh

Released 2002
Zazen Records
Released 2002
Zazen Records
Presenting an upbeat, thought provoking collection of laments and laughter inspired by the sea, sun and salt air and surfing the waters of punk, pop and folk before crashing into rock and roll's sandy shore.
Kelly's folk tales are ensconced in pop soliloquy. Her songs and her live presence still hint at and occasionally uncover her punk influences, adding an edge to the "voice of the fallen angel." She's created an art out of making you think, but one thing will never change, the girl loves to rock!!

Kelly's new band has been spotted this summer headlining at the Block Island Music Festival and opening for Sally Taylor among many other endeavors...look out for Kelly as she comes to your town, be sure to visit her website and sign the mailing list, we will make sure you rock on!!

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